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I started writing for Imprint as a columnist. I didn’t know what to name my column, and any ideas I came up with already exist as anime blogs. At the end, the title became “Mini Otaku Box.” You can pick it up on campus in print, or read it online. I can’t say that I’ve ever written a column, so if you have pointers on this week’s column, let me know.

Super Smash Brothers 4 “What You Did in the Dark” AMV

I won’t take a photo of my column every week.

There was another design/development event at Boltmade (called “Method Jam“), where different people would discuss topics from trying to push design earlier in the process, team building, the use of design sprints, and how to do business when most of the time people want features, or think they know what they want. There were a mix of people, from big enterprise to startups, but it was genuinely interesting and engaging. I gained a little bit more insight into the problems that companies might face, and how my current workplace has solved some of these issues. I’m not saying that UW has it right (there is room to improve, and it’s not like there isn’t a constant demand for new online courses), but it’s good to hear about strategies and contrasts.

While there, I met someone else that had started Coursera’s Human-Computer Interaction course, and was working through it with members of their team, and applying to projects at work. It turns out, you don’t have to follow schedule that is set, you can just do the course on your own time, and still be able to access the content after. Which means I can actually go back and finish up the rest of the course (I had originally dropped it to concentrate on the Python class). I think it covers user observation and Balsamiq (among other things), so it should be fun. “An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python” is starting soon, if you’re interested.

But yeah, design sprints…I hope to be able to attend more events like this in the future, or maybe someone at work will be interested in working on things like this with me. The Fluxible user-experience design conference is this weekend in K-W – maybe another year?


Preview of the voting poster for Show 1.
Show One Voting Poster ANSI D
Dumping my unfinished doodles into here.
Blue1 Blue2 Blue3 Blue4 Blue5 Blue6 Blue7 Blue8 Blue9 Blue10

I’ve done a lot of CTRL-A flyers before, but there’s always some way to tweak it.

a smiling rival

I recently participated in a modified design sprint at Boltmade in Waterloo, and it was rather fun. There were quite a few designers at the event, and was pretty loose – not over-thinking things and just going for raw ideas to solve problems.

The problem: how do we make house-searching less painful? There was a set of mock interviews to explore the problem where everyone generated “how might we” statements. The ideas were then grouped by similar themes, and then 2 were chosen to be tackled. We had 30 seconds to scribble down interface ideas (for a total of 16 ideas), and from there, refine a single idea flow in under 2 minutes.



Stick notes galore!
The red dots are given to teammates to create a “heat map” around ideas they liked.



I understand that this doesn’t really mean anything, but I completed the Coursera course on Python.
Coursera pythonlearn 2014
What exactly did I get out of it? Maybe a little more confidence towards my ability to build things for Arduino…and that I don’t quite understand why people push HTML/CSS as a gateway to “programming” and “writing code” when it is very, very, very different. Python was…more thinking about the steps on how to solve a problem, counting things, using information stored (mess up? TRACEBACK), and just…not the same. At all. In any way. :/ But I’m way too much of a newb regardless, but I can see where I might want to use something like Python (ex. Fish Plays Pokemon).

I also found this page on LaTeX resumes, so I might be trying it. No guarantees on good results, though. I kind of feel like a giant lumbering elephant that doesn’t quite understand fully what I’m doing. Confidence, confidence! ><“

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I’ll update with a news post after I finish moving. Still working on the rest of the drawings that will be going on the membership cards, as well as the banner and posters, but here’s what I have so far.

Aldnoah Zero ED2 – aLIEz (Piano Cover) by ~ishter-kun~

Facebook headers (it turns out, they don’t work well in the mobile view). :/
Facebook Banner

Ver 2
Web banner.
Web Banner
Low-res versions of the illustrations.


I’m not entirely set with the body text, as it’s a bit light and might not turn out well in print. Some of them will be edited to include the Show 1 schedule instead of the copy text. Maybe the call-to-action needs to be stronger? If you have any suggestions or see any horrible mistakes, let me know in the comments. >v<” (EDIT: Poster dates, date formatting, and comma splice errors have been corrected for the final printing.)

















Drafts under the cut. Might have gone overboard with the punctuation. >_>