for obvious reasons// turing

Started worrying about the same things I was concerned about 6 months ago again, but I suppose I know a little better about what I should concentrate on. I’d decided do the Coursera classes more at “my pace,” and have been concentrating on smaller projects and readings I like. I updated my resume as well, but I’m going to hold off on posting it again until I decide what to do about my portfolio site (Pelican?).




I talked to a few designers at a Brew Over Design meet-up in town, and it was really great to hear about the diversity of where design can take you. I talked to two people from D2L (well, three, but the last person I’ve met before), and one of them went through a portfolio review with me. I got to ask questions about what I should work on and what it’s like to work in interaction design at a larger company. I haven’t really been able to work on any new projects at work, I’m still working on the layout/design/diagrams for one course. I try not to get too stressed about it, but I feel a bit reassured when people tell me that it is a big project, so it’s expected that it will take a while for everything to come together.

I haven’t been cooking very much at home, mostly because I’m living in a space where the kitchen is shared. I believe the term is “bio hazardous.”

Anyways~ I went to a DQ in the area and got confused while ordering a $6 Meal Deal, so I decided to draw a diagram to figure it out. Overall, I’m not sure of the menu is set up for optimizing with the different choices, making people read the entire menu, or just that this was the way it was put together. I couldn’t see the fountain machine where I expected at the counter, and didn’t realize that there were so many sundae choices.

DQ trace-01

Thought process-
DQ trace-02

beast shock// E.X.P.L.O.D.E.

Did a little bit of reading after seeing Edge of Tomorrow.

Not much this week, been really busy organizing things for the anime club, and prepping things for applications. Also designed these Super Smash Bros. 4 posters for an upcoming 3DS meet-up and tournament event.

Maybe this joke is a bit too subtle? Poor Chrom~
I always want more chances to use serif fonts. Sigh…
Mario is a different resolution.

Final versions, messed up the anti-aliasing, will remember for next time.



SSB4 FB Event BannerSSB4-webbanner-edited

in resonance// portable fear

Graphic for last week’s Mini Otaku Box column, kinda sloppy.
Kid~ This style is very much “I traveled backwards 4 years.”

Club That Really Likes Anime voting poster! (Originally ANSI D size.)
Show One Voting Poster ANSI D

Misc. posters for the CTRL-A mini showing at the Renison’s 20th Annual East Asian Festival this weekend.
1 Renison-CTRL-A Activities

3 Renison-Shows

2 Renison-CTRL-A Recruit

which way up// at gotham’s feet

I started writing for Imprint as a columnist. I didn’t know what to name my column, and any ideas I came up with already exist as anime blogs. At the end, the title became “Mini Otaku Box.” You can pick it up on campus in print, or read it online. I can’t say that I’ve ever written a column, so if you have pointers on this week’s column, let me know.

Super Smash Brothers 4 “What You Did in the Dark” AMV

I won’t take a photo of my column every week.

There was another design/development event at Boltmade (called “Method Jam“), where different people would discuss topics from trying to push design earlier in the process, team building, the use of design sprints, and how to do business when most of the time people want features, or think they know what they want. There were a mix of people, from big enterprise to startups, but it was genuinely interesting and engaging. I gained a little bit more insight into the problems that companies might face, and how my current workplace has solved some of these issues. I’m not saying that UW has it right (there is room to improve, and it’s not like there isn’t a constant demand for new online courses), but it’s good to hear about strategies and contrasts.

While there, I met someone else that had started Coursera’s Human-Computer Interaction course, and was working through it with members of their team, and applying to projects at work. It turns out, you don’t have to follow schedule that is set, you can just do the course on your own time, and still be able to access the content after. Which means I can actually go back and finish up the rest of the course (I had originally dropped it to concentrate on the Python class). I think it covers user observation and Balsamiq (among other things), so it should be fun. “An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python” is starting soon, if you’re interested.

But yeah, design sprints…I hope to be able to attend more events like this in the future, or maybe someone at work will be interested in working on things like this with me. The Fluxible user-experience design conference is this weekend in K-W – maybe another year?


Preview of the voting poster for Show 1.
Dumping my unfinished doodles into here.
Blue1 Blue2 Blue3 Blue4 Blue5 Blue6 Blue7 Blue8 Blue9 Blue10

I’ve done a lot of CTRL-A flyers before, but there’s always some way to tweak it.