scarecrow in the burning field// root words

Lucky Strike by Maroon 5
Hunter’s Rebellion
かけてあげる」 by DAOKO
AKIRA (Kaneda’s Theme) by Sonya Belousova (Player Piano)

I worked on designing a banner/icon/cover for TheOASG’s podcast, “It’s not My Fault TheOASG Podcast Isn’t Popular!” (“Is Not” is the other variation). Check out the first episode on TheOASG site, and you can also subscribe through Itunes, Android, and RSS.

Final version.

Case Studies from 2015 from the RGD site was used as a reference on how to write a case study. Admittedly, this was awkward to write, but here goes.

Case Study by AW
Client Project for TheOASG

TheOASG (formerly “Organization ASG”) was founded as a blog that showcases where fans can watch anime and read manga legally online, in addition to being a space for those in the industry to share their thoughts. To reach their audience, TheOASG team asked AW to design its identity for the podcast launch for the site, and on Itunes.

AW worked with TheOASG editors previously to design the identity of TheOASG blog and social media presence. This means that AW already had insight on the audience and knowledge of team goals.


The goal of the project is to position TheOASG podcast as an entertaining and informative way of support the industry, as well as being a new way of reaching to anime fans. The title “It’s Not My Fault TheOASG Podcast Isn’t Popular” was given as the starting point, and it reflects the “anti-social genius” vibe. There was a need to create a cohesive system that would reflect the parent blog, while maintaining a separate identity and brand.



The research phase started with an examination of podcasts from similar blogs and sites. This was ensure that any crucial steps or items would not be forgotten later in the creative process. An initial Google search to identify tutorials on how to create iconic podcast covers was conducted, and several ground rules for imagery and typography were set down. With the goal of keeping TheOASG name as the most important part of the design in order to tie the podcast and site together, the imagery search was to portray the way people think of “anti-social genius(es)” and the concept of an ongoing conversation about fandom and the industry.

The next step was to use sketches to capture the approximate feel of the podcast image. The process called for choosing several typefaces that would work well on a smaller scale and not clash with the font of TheOASG logo. Several versions were created to explore colour and typography.

Initial size testing.


User feedback* was used, along with determining which iteration of the design worked at full size, and at the thumbnail level, should the design be seen on a smaller device or on the Itunes podcast sidebar.

Narrowing down the versions.


Designer Takeaways

  1. The research and inspiration phase is very important. This portion is to determine the different ways the problem can be solved, and to consolidate the problem the design is trying to solve.
  2. Communicate deadlines and deliverables beforehand, so that the final version that goes out is not confused with a draft. Try to get approvals at each step, as creating too many iterations makes it difficult to choose after.

*Thanks to Raveblade!

Rejected versions.

If you’re not entirely sure what the title of the podcast is based on, it’s a play on the title of an anime/manga called “WATAMOTE ~No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Popular~,” which you can watch on Crunchyroll. I want to say “for free,” but Crunchyroll will longer streams its back catalog for non-premium members in Canada starting February 2016.


owl and cat// whisper of the ghost

My secret Santa, Buncythefrog, wrapped the gift in a large box with a ribbon, put in a lot of tissue paper, and then created a volleyball to contain the items.

Inside was a bell charm with “The Revived Ace” Asahi and “Karasuno’s Guardian Deity” Nishinoya from Haikyu!!, and two more charms featuring Hayato “Straight-line Demon” Shinkai from Yowamushi Pedal!

I’m really proud of this, for some reason. Made with the Skeleton framework, JavaScript, and maybe a little interaction with the Twitter API.
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Quote Machine


knots and boomerangs// princesses and ponies

For those that remember that project I did for the Organization Anti-Social Geniuses last year, I was invited back to help with the redesign. TheOASG‘s concept was based off the idea of a portal to legal manga and anime, as well as writings related to the industry.






I suppose I should start practicing my writing, rather than just throwing down the projects I do. It’s been a really horrible habit of mine to just expect people to read on and understand my thought process, but over the last year, I realized that process is probably more important than the solution.

The other side is that a lot of designers I follow only present the polished final versions, but I suppose it’s a bit too late for me, and I rather like uploading all my rejected versions because I know no one will ever see them. People in interviews with me have told me that I lack focus, since I’m not an expert in any one design; I didn’t graduate out of an accredited design program; I’m learning development (mostly for fun and knowledge, not so much to be a full-stack developer, I like design)…anyways. I probably sound unsure of myself as a designer right now.

Here goes.

TheOASG Logo Design & Graphics

TheOASG (formerly “Organization ASG”) was founded as a blog that showcases where fans can watch anime and read manga legally online, in addition to being an industry space for those in the industry to share their thoughts. With a strong belief that there is a more aggressive way to highlight ways to support the industry, while also being an outlet to be critical about it, the logo design was designed as a pivot point from the original concept of an organization that looks on, to an open portal the supports those core beliefs.

Client: TheOASG
December 2015

The final solution combines the portal and the typography of the original Organization ASG logo.

I’ll be helping them out with graphics and design between all the projects related to job-hunting, so if you’d like, follow them on Twitter or any of their other social channels. And as always, send me a message if you have any comments or feedback.

It’s not actually black. I know, I know.





I really like the designs for the Mandarin place-mats, wonder why.

I’ll write bit more about the student portal I helped design/develop recently on a team of 13+ people later, after I get all my files in order. There are a lot of positives, but sometimes I feel like half my pull requests went down into the Git conflict abyss and never resurfaced. I can see why people like designing utopian projects and redesigning other people’s apps newbie designers can fall into the trap of creating untested projects for their portfolios, because you can completely ignore time, business, and development restraints. The experience was definitely very different.
I’ve met a lot of people outside of Waterloo for once, and I can’t say that I’m socially adept at talking with everyone. I’m learning, though. Maybe this is “empathy.”

Best wishes for the new year!

Is this what they call “product design”?