silver knight at A6// a-game

I went to the NodeSchool Toronto meetup yesterday, which was held at the Shopify Toronto office. There were some hand-lettered signs in the office in the blocked-off areas (haha), and I was still thinking about them on the way home. Git flow is hard at the beginning, but it’s starting to make sense as we practice as a team. (=ↀωↀ=)✧
Normally, “git gud” is a way to brush off noobies, so I wasn’t sure if this was going to get my optimistic message across or not. Will try to practice more. I think I’ve only attempted something like this once, but I cleaned it up a lot more in Illustrator.


gallant stride// select when

We’re into the last 3 weeks, with one major project coming up.

I’ve submitted my piece for the “2016 Bro Calendar“; I’ll post the final a bit later, along with information on how to order it.

Maps” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
She Shines” – Transistor Bonus Track
Hello” – Adele cover ([일소라] 일반인 고등학생 – Hello (Adele) cover)


I always feel awkward when companies ask for a link to your Twitter account in the application: I do broadcast news and information related to




I don’t have any drawings to upload at the moment. I recently went from a job-hunting NEET (contradictory, I know) to doing what would be defined as “training,” and it eats up a lot of my time and energy. I’ll be done at the end of November.

I did start Inktober, but…yeah, time outside of class has been spent relaxing or catching up on material. It’s really weird being able to see the CN Tower everyday, I haven’t worked or went to school in the downtown core before.

The Blue Jays have been doing well lately, and so you often see people in gear nearby.
Last Friday: we’re supposed to drink every time someone says “Angular” or “JS,” haha.

the midnight whale// soul’s blade

I went to the international premiere of the Mamoru Hosoda’s The Boy and the Beast at the Toronto International Film Festival! This one was probably my favourite so far out of all his films, though I really enjoy Summer Wars as well.

He mentioned that between his last film, Wolf Children, and this one, his wife and his wish for a child came true, and that was one of the reasons that The Boy and Beast was made. While Wolf Children concentrated on the bond between mother and children, this one was very much fathers and sons. The film has a lot of heart, heavy in some places, but light throughout.

Some rather blurry photos of the director during the Q&A after the film. He answered some questions about his inspirations for the film.

Other photos of the area around the theatre.

I also recently went to the Art Gallery of Hamilton, but I didn’t have a lot of time to see the art, as we were there for a wedding. We stopped for foot-long hot dogs and didn’t have enough time to explore the gallery before it closed. XD

A CTRL-A kind of wedding~ The centrepieces and place cards were made by Maplerose.

Monster Hunter Club (モンハン部) creed, as translated by gaijinhunter. Just wanted to make it into a poster.
monhun-bu poster-2

monhun-bu poster

I went to a “Introduction to User Experience” workshop run by the lead designer at Wattpad(!), and tried out empathy mapping for the first time. He mentioned that designers at Wattpad often have to “wear many hats”…and I felt a bit relieved, hearing that from a more experienced designer.
Most of the time, it’s memories of job interviews.