Help In Many Forms

“In the corner of my eye, the figure appeared, and diminished as I strode past it. Then I was stopped by a pitiful voice.

“Help me.”

Normally, I would have walked on, and pretended I hadn’t heard. But there was that inflection that made me wheel around to look.

There was a man seated in, or rather, settled firmly into a bench. A walker was draped over his legs, and I wondered if he needed help getting up, considering his enormous girth. He overflowed the seat, and he gestured at his walker. That’s when I saw the empty cap, sitting on top of his walker.

As I turned away in disgust for falling for such a ploy, the voice came again, this time deeper.

“Help me.”

Before I knew it, I was running down the darkened streets for the relative safety of the campus markers. The wards would not be able to keep him out, but it was better than nothing…”

Reading “The Night Watch.” I feel like it’s missing something in the writing, despite all the talk of magic and vampires…maybe, lost in translation?


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