Glory and All Its Friends

Mass posting. Sunshine/ Election Ward Map/ iteRate website draft (created for Start-Up Weekend).

Mandarin drakes are male.

Poppies are notorious for not staying put, but they hold a lot of significance in the Canadian way of life here; not just in terms to the symbolism, but the memories of Remembrance Days gone by. The silences, the ritual of assemblies, the repeat of the things past.

On that note, Macleans’ has posted an article about certain universities being “too asian.” This reminds me of those odd questions at the ends of interview applications that ask if you’re aboriginal, female, or a “visible minority,”  and then proceeds to define “visible minority” and any group that is not white or Caucasian. I’m never quite sure if I should ignore it or not, because, in a way you are gaining and losing the equal footing filling it out, and not, gives. though, Macleans’ has very little weight in terms of quality of writing, especially after that article…someone’s been spending too much time on OMGUW.



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