And the Stone was Warm Beneath Her Hand

Research is a beautiful thing.

Maybe it’s that you break things up, you see things that you didn’t know was there, never thought you’d know. Been asking around about the apparent “co-op employment at 99.5%” rate, and the feedback is general skepticism. Reasons: Lame jobs, people dropping out, students switching to classes for the term because of a lack of a job. Who knows.

Almost as interesting is the Starbucks coffee variety in the proposed location the Environment 3 building. If anything, it will prove to be a change in direction for Food Services for the better, or it will just add to the muddle of over-priced, poorly made, reduced sized portions of other food outlets run by them.

Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema is occurring next week. As much as I like the anime line-up, I’m interested in the foreign films (what’s animation from Russia like? Especially with its roots). A little pricey, though.

My don took a picture of my Companion Cube pumpkin, carved on Halloween. I was feeling a little odd having to carve a pumpkin alone; the seeds were especially delicious.


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