Kites Never Had a Chance

We are now entering the two weeks of school. I wonder how well I’ll hold up.

For those that are new to the school, or are unfamiliar with the context of the WHATCARDs cards, please see the UW laser logo design, which thankfully, has been reworked.

Made my first ‘zine — it involved a lot of paper and frustration, but I got through it. It turns out my 24 hours challenge comic was one page short of complete. Although all the pages are labelled, and there is a page 24, the page 20 never came to be. I used the space to preview “ELEVEN.”

I was at the Feds Art Symposium. There was good variety of artists there, mostly crafts people, a photographer, two other Fine Arts students. I never did break even with printing the trading cards, but it was fun. I felt I was undermining the caricaturist down the aisle…she was charging people $5 a head for coloured busts, and I was doing pencil/marker $0.50 per crappy caricature drawing. One customer got a caricature from both of us; she pointed out that my drawing was completely different from the one she got from the other artist, in terms of interpretation.

My ‘zines never did make it off the table, save the one I gave away to a potential new comics club member. I’m planning on giving them away for free at Carry-On. The 24 Hours comic “A Funeral” was contrived in an artificial format in a style that was not natural to me (as people put it, Scott Pilgrim-esque), and there was a blatant sacrifice of story for speed.

Sometimes, the smallest things can make your days better: a smile, an awkward high-five, and an entire room singing Erasure’s “Always” at full volume.

There’s snow on the ground, and I foresee endless slogs across campus to get to class.

Below is an early draft of the WHATCARD, as well as my business card design. I might be making more WHATCARDs in the future. The most difficult thing to find is something worth saying.


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