High in my mind

In an experiment in breaking the norm, the subject left home with a skirt and heels. The weather was chilly, though not at a level enough to take off a few toes after several minutes.

Two things have been learned:

Vanity is pain. When every uneven surface on the street becomes a new challenge, standing up in a bus properly becomes a chore, and every “clack” after several hours in heels is accompanied by a jolt of stiffness in the feet- it is clear that they were not invented to be practical or for the uninitiated.

Being the only person in line at the bus stop in said skirt and heels leads to an odd conversation with a UW alumni working in Guelph, living in Waterloo, studied Computer Science, works at a company and asks whether dressing in this way is a part of the Arts curriculum. Which is highly ironic, because the subject only owns 2 sets of clothing that do not bear the battle scars of art supplies like acryllic and oil paint, and serve only the function of comfort, warmth and ability to be washed repeatedly.

Below is a joke page I scribbled out last night after someone sent me a fanfiction. WARNING: NSFW Can’t Touch This, by Snowlia.



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