Did a pretty intense poster printing run today. Off to distribute them tomorrow. Still need to whip out 6 sketches of Emiko. Darn.

EVA 2.0 next Thursday!

CTRL-A (Club That Really Likes Anime) is going to be at Clubs and Societies Day this Thursday and Friday, as well as their first FREE show! So if you’re in the Waterloo area, come on by to the University of Waterloo to meet some awesome people.

AN 2011 registration opening up, and realizing there’s a whole lot less time in my life than I expected. I bet I’ll be breaking out the coffee a week from now. That whole table idea seems like a pipe dream, and I still can’t draw as well as I’d like to.

In order to relieve stress, chant after me: LORD KRAUSER, DEMON LORD, TAKE MY SOUL INTO ETERNAL DAMNATION. GO TO DMC! GO TO DMC! GO TO DMC! F–K! F–K! F–K! F–K! F–K! F–K! F–K! F–K!
To see it in action, please watch this trailer.

I wonder how well this would go over if we showed it as a comic club event.

Eva2Term Poster

TekkonTerm Poster

SquidGirlTerm Poster

StarDriverTerm Poster

TekkonTerm Poster2

OriemoPostersTerm Posters


StarDriverTerm Poster2

Winter2011 Membership card-SIZEDfront

Winter2011 Membership card-SIZEDback


One comment

  1. Beware, my roommate is going to steal all your Kirino posters… XD
    Going to EVA 2.0 means I skip one day of Larry Smith lectures… >_< Oh well, I guess having lots of friends taking that course means it's okay for me ^_^ hahahaha… just going to steal their course notes

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