Used Tissue Mountain

I wonder if it’s possible to put foods into containers that are similar, but not it’s original, and see if people notice. Mars bars into cookie tins, milk into juice boxes, bran flakes into the Rice Crispy box.

My ability to make coherent conversation deteriorates in correlation with how many Halls I’ve had…it’s even worse than cough medication, because, at least, it’s over quick, instead of having a piece of foul-tasting “candy” lolling around in your mouth.

I suppose we can start taking bets as to who will succumb the most times to the sick tree.

Here, have a lovely photo that reveals too much about me.

The following photos are courtesy of Anonymous Satou.
A photo of a chocolate cake I made with Anonymous Satou.

Yet another cake.

Did I mention the Hakuouki AliceXCross cards arrived? We had a tea party while opening them.

Gain “LP” at night! XD

The “flavour text” card is rather, well, tame (in comparison) to the some of the Joker side decks.

Some people I know- they’re Hello Kitty deckbox fans?



  1. What a wonderful game (Alice X Cross) ^_^ Look how much excitement opportunities we got with the Hello Kitty box (they’ll never know what’s in it)!
    Don’t worry, I’m not your parents, so I really wouldn’t ask for you to clean your desk to neat and tidy conditions…

    1. I won’t even bother mentioning how old that photo of my desk is, all I can say it was taken before I moved out of my house. Cluttered, but not messy! XD

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