Finch and Sheppard

Reading up on a conference, and debating whether to laugh at the site’s “hook” in trying to get people to come…but it does look good.

Sayonara, Tokyopop…going to miss you.

Someone shared this link with me, take it however you like. 50 Reasons Not to Date a Graphic Designer…an uncanny amount of them are relevant, so take this as fair warning, har har.

You know you have serious sleep issues when you drop off for a nap, wake up, and think that it’s already Monday morning, and are perfectly fine with it. Who, night owl, who?

Every time I get on the subway, I learn something new, or a new situation crops up. There’s the split second hesitation as someone tries to talk you into giving them a token you just bought for yourself, deciphering garbled P.A. messages, why that woman in black has that kind of expression on her face.

4-koma work, and planning for the summer. Sigh.



  1. Planning can be fun, just finish one task at a time.
    Designer myself so I cannot complain to a number of them… though a few are questionable since I’m an engineer and so there are bound to be clashing ideas…

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