Vagabond// Chocolate Explosions

Easter weekend approaches.

If I’m gong to be a wandering vagabond, might as well take notes as I go. Just for the laughs.

Note the complete disregard for floor plan drawing style.



  1. You should put an alarm clock inside your suitcase so it actually takes effort to turn it off if you really need to wake up on time… unless if you can sleep through the noise. Hehehe… hopefully I am not keeping you up too late into the night so as to commit to this plan.
    Either way, if you require an additional hand on May 1st, I can be of your assistance.

    1. Sounds for the advice, might try it, but if I don’t hear it, I’ll be late for class. D:

      Thanks for the offer, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Still planning on how to pack my stuff up. XD

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