Ego Death Blow

University Survival Tip #5891: Nutella® spread on Alwatan pita.

I still think that a nudist resort would be a good place to do some life drawing.

Well…even well-laid plans and best intentions can go astray. When you look back, you realize how fundamentally flawed your plan was, which leads to tripping on self doubts, scattered among your failed attempts. This is going to be a test in self-resolve- hopefully it won’t explode in my face. >.>

Some things aren’t worth it.

It’s the season for short skirts and white ankles! I can’t my eyes off them, I just like the way the movement flows from the hips to the tips of their heels. I guess it’s a kind of observation as to why movement is important in drawing, or maybe a subconscious kind of envy on my part.


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