Titan’s Glare

Saturn, moon, Titan; midnight trips to the Physics observatory to see the celestial bodies in the clear night sky; discoveries of the comfortable kind on MC. The moon is pockmarked, but shines proudly, majestic in its graceful turns.

I looked through a real telescope for the first time yesterday, and realized how much I missed out on just reading about the stars. It’s hard to see them, where I’m from, but there’s glimpses that snag in my memory. The overwhelming pattern on a dark blue sky, with the constant flickering of shooting stars I saw at camp one year.

The Club That Really Likes Anime’s show 2 is coming up this Friday and Saturday!

I’m not sure if I can take any more disappointment from CLAMP…sigh, Gate 7. I guess I can cure it with Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san.



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