Clinging Vines of Ivy

I keep forgetting that happy/smiling isn’t everyone’s default mode. Crap.

Happy belated-Canada Day! Canadian-born and bred, what can I say. I went out to see the fireworks (sadly, another activity I did by myself), and was surprised that there were so many people there. In a way, that’s what Canada is, people coming together to enjoy their similarities and differences.

There are times when you feel like your edges stick out too much, like the way your parents raised you doesn’t fit right; the way you are isn’t quite Canadian enough, and there’s times where you feel like you’re not Chinese enough, and then there’s times you’re really confused which part is which. All part of growing up and understanding one’s identity…it’s a little painful, and warm, but you’re willing it to endure it. Suppose that’s love for me, haha.

I used my downtime to watch Tiger&Bunny…I WILL BE WATCHING THIS WEEKLY NOW, OH MY GOSH. Dear subbers, no need to rub the (b)romance into our faces (top or bottom? >.>)

TigerxBunny: Barnaby Desu // HERO // Baby Baby Sayonara // [HOTEL ROOM] // KYAN

An old drawing…haven’t much heart to post new things yet, old projects are slowly progressing. I’m so slow. ;A;


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