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New address! Sorry if you got some weird posts, I was trying to clean things up a bit, and ended up making a mess instead. -__-U

Anyways, hope this is going to be a fresh start, a part two to this blog- mostly attempting a new direction. We’ll see.

My dreams of being a co-op bajillionaire have been dashed…based on the fact that DE classes on co-op terms aren’t covered by OSAP. Sayonara fantasies of having a little extra. The price of (relative) independence…

Co-op Term #2 clue: CS is My Life

Show4_stein Show4_ghost



    1. Co-op is more than enough for anything, just commenting OSAP only applies if you have 3 classes or above.

      I’m doing recruiting for the university’s CS program next term…not quite as glamourous as working for Xtreme Labs, but I’m looking forward to it. ;D

      Thanks for your feedback~

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