red basil

Yesterday was a peculiar day for travelling. There were strange detours, odd encounters, and blatant coincidences(?). I ran into friends, teachers, and even supervisors on the public transportation- between that and getting to places I wanted to go, I had a lot of time to think about how the pieces fit together. Who people are to me, what they are to me, little things like that. Each one is precious, I think.

End-of-term staff lunch for Imprint was a blast, as usual! I really can’t believe I’m friends with this gang of people; there’s up and downs, but I couldn’t trade my time at Imprint for anything. I have a feeling that it defines more of me that anything else I’ve encountered.

Off to to the Tannery today to see the Architecture play put on by the 2B class- I’ve been hearing some interesting things about it. I think I’ve invited approximately 3 different people to see it with me, but each time was thwarted by a different reason.

Managed to mix up dreams (sleeping) with dreams (aspirations) with some hilarious and embarrassing results. Ahh, the contents of women’s closets…the taste of water, white cats, and a dash of food jealousy.


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