triple threat

This term, I will be working for…pew-pew-nyan?

TigerxBunny…still need to catch up on this week’s episode.

Punmaster’s Clow Wand sweatshop!

A rendering of the meme that is actually amusing for once.

On a official standpoint, this would be my third time working for the University of Waterloo. I will put this is writing that I will not apply to anymore on campus jobs for co-op. There’s the balance of convenience (not leaving Waterloo), friends (I get to see people, especially the ones that are graduating ;A;), and cost (no need to spend too much moving myself around), though there’s the limitation of not getting to know other areas outside of this place.

This job is actually something really interesting and challenging and related to what I want to study in the future. Even though there’s so much uncertainty for what path I want to take, I have a general heading, I hope that there might be some insane detour that will lead me to something I’m really passionate about. I keep telling people what I want to do, which is something of a truth and a lie, since my reply varies from person to person. I think there’s 4-5 different replies floating around right now. XD Please don’t take bets on which one I’ll end up with.

Even though the fun continues, it’s never-ending how people think about the future. One month, four months, eight months, years.

Que cera, cera. Another non-drawing post, when am I going to find time to sleep? D:


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