hark, a vagrant

If anyone wants to know what my fascination with Mr. Darcy is about, this clearly explains it.

[1] [2]

I didn’t encounter these particular comic strips by Kate Beaton until after reading the book (in this case, Pride and Prejudice), but there have some humourous parodies that just add to charm of such a dated, somewhat painful read. It takes a while to accumulate a taste for Jane Austen- took me a second reading before I actually enjoyed it. And I don’t reread fiction often.

Anyways, there’s a Tumblr for all this history/english/artsie nonsense. Go enjoy yourselves.

The ending to Tiger&Bunny is quickly approaching!

hera posts some thoughts that are interesting to contemplate, go check it out. While you’re at it, there’s the Prince Arthur Herald that might be worth looking into, if you’re a student-newspaper fan.

Doodling for Unbuttoned.


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