Happy belated Mid-Autumn Festival! The lazy drift of the smell of tea, mooncake as it melds to your tongue, and good company.

There are times you wonder why you didn’t pay attention to little details that were important in other people, that you didn’t notice until the very last minute when its too late. It’s not new, but at the same time, you keep thinking what you could have changed, what you could have done before.

I think my posts are going to get even more sporadic from this point on. It’s a combination of work, school, clubs, personal projects, and just plain trying to get out of this drawing rut. I think I’ve gotten stuck on another drawing stage. I’m still trying to drawing through it, but it’s not working out very well, so I’m going to go back to looking at other people’s work and trying to see what I need to work on. I suppose that either means less original stuff will be posted, or that I talk about the other things that I’ve been trying to work on, while surrounded by pages and pages of wasted paper/digital files.

Up, up, over one mountain- there’s a higher one in the distance, and your feet ache, but you can’t help but keep going.


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