the flavour of chaucer

Co-op 101: own nice clothes before your first co-op interview. Or, alternatively, own nice clothes and learn to iron them in a manner that doesn’t increase the number of wrinkles before coming to university.

This week’s topic was Chaucer and middle english…how far the language has come, as it flows from the lips of people drifting across the continent. Fight, farm, free; noun, verb, syllable.

It’s been an interesting week at work, lots of events and learning how to act “properly.”  There were some moments where I felt like I was treated like an equal, instead of “just” the co-op student, and then there were moments of having to stay out of the way because important people were coming. The work is fairly engaging, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to go about working on projects in my free time, but that kills my relaxing time by a lot. XD

One more week until 24-Hour Comics Day! I really should get some sleep before then.

CTRL-A is starting up for another term~ Also, the Word on the Street festival is this weekend! It’s the third year that I’ll have a chance to go to it here in Waterloo…although there’s not usually anything specific I look for there, it’s a good place to talk to people. I always say that I like the Toronto one better since I’ve been going year after year before university, but the one in Kitchener, like the rest of Kitchener, has character. Nothing like a festival dedicated to literature and books.

Alright, until next time! Hopefully it’ll a hobby-based post, and not just about work/school, haha.


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