do you remember love?

Being told-off by two different people in one week for not telling them about things…that’s new. Not good, but new.

In terms of other news, I’m feeling a little chatty, so excuse the long post…it’s been a while since the last post, hasn’t it?

Anyways, let’s begin:
CTRL-A Show 1
Not enough girls…I’m probably coming off as a prude, but that’s really my honest observation. Gaming corner missing for most of the time, which was double-edged sword. To note, lack of posters did not dampen turn-out, which was good. In terms of the comments on the membership card designs, I suppose a different subculture/taste once in a while is alright, as long as no one outright hates it. Which I hope no one does. >_<

I really like the new people coming to the club, they seem pleasant enough, and we haven’t scared anyone off, that I know of. An old friend popped up in the club, so this might be interesting. XD

I tried to take photos, and hopefully they’re a little better this time around.

This photo is mysterious enough that I don’t need to edit faces out.

In terms of Imprint, it’s been an quite a term so far. Expect the unexpected? Perhaps. If CTRL-A was family, then Imprint is probably the other, equally insane, half of it.

Do giving groups of people the title of “family” dampen the original value of the word? As in the whole blood-is-thicker-than-water concept? When is the application of the words “family” or “friend” inappropriate?

24-Hour Comics Day
Was…somewhat of a fun event, despite lower numbers this year. Might have been the weekend we picked, might have been the advertising wasn’t done in the best way possible, probably personal failure on my part, might be just that I had too high of expectations for it. I spent time chasing people down that said they were coming in the first few hours, which distracted me from my comic, and then coming to the crashing realization of deja vu. I ended up calling 911 for the first time in my life because there was mob in the fast food place across the street at 4AM in the morning. The police showed up to break up the crowd, and we continued the event. Well, that’s Kitchener…?

But I learned a lot, and I spent a good chunk on something I felt was worth it- just wish I could share this with more people. Until next year, I suppose. It’ll take a while to think things through, but it’ll be there.

On: Having yourself edited out of conversations
It’s a very strange moment of disconnect when you’re speaking with someone about a common topic, and then you find yourself “cut out” by the other person. As if you were not having a two-way conversation, as if the other person speaks in a manner in which you don’t exist. It happens from time to time. Either it’s a common character flaw that only certain people display and this is my first time encountering it, or it’s an accident. Time will tell.

Watched quite a few shows to sample them this week, more than I would normally ever would watch. I might do fanart of a few when I have time, they’re really enjoyable in terms of character design.

I’m not really sure what else to say. I’m not my usual eloquent self, if I ever was. PD is actually useful, we’re talking about rhetoric and “listening,” as well as the amount of information we reveal to those around us.

The first of two turkeys I encountered this weekend.

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I find myself in Waterloo, and I purposefully did things I knew were wrong.
Especially taking a photo of this.

And this.

At least they weren’t things I didn’t know they were wrong to do, and having to find out the hard way, once again. Including to remind people about things, and calling people. Or just generally using communication and communication devices in a more effective manner.

I probably sound like I came from the Stone Ages.

I’ll end off by saying that I’m grateful for a lot of things. I don’t quite want to list them all, but mostly people. Lots of people.

A gift.

Goal for the rest of the week….just generally, be less of a burden. Be more certain. Is it possible to apply assertiveness to personal thinking? To convince oneself of things?

What happened to all the gusto? CATCH MAX!

Perhaps the still waters aren’t as deep as people think they are.



  1. There certainly are more levels than just ‘family’ or ‘friends’. Your real family is different than the ‘family’ described here. Certainly, you have best friends than just regular ‘friends’. Grouping labels together, for me at least, confuses how I should treat someone. I’d rather just treat everyone in their own unique method with some similarities to others.
    Yes, it is possible to apply assertiveness to personal thinking. Situation Awareness is the single most important trait to being certain about the situation. Rather than blather the next thing in your mind out, take a moment to refine your statements. By providing time, you can reassure yourself what you’re saying is true with example(s).

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