thumbtacks and nails

Viral marketing at it’s best: cute, bubbly, generic; clever use of fonts that you’d think would never have a place in graphic design. Feds is giving away free bubble tea samples through the week before the grand opening of Campus Bubble, the UW on-campus bubble tea place. I’ll be at work when that happens, but I’m sure it’ll be very popular! Anyone interested in trying it with me? Or perhaps I’ll just go myself…

Mathematics 3 is opening tomorrow. I’ll be attending the grand opening as staff, not quite sure what to expect. It is, after all, the opening of a new building.

I’ll post some graphics next time. Er, this arrived in the mail today.

If you’re on campus this term, please consider playing Humans vs. Zombies! It’ll be an interesting experiment in strategy, communication, speed, and social dynamics. I’ll explain what I mean in later post. Essay time!



  1. Oh, I know about that game! I saw a video of a bunch of people playing it at the Indie games con in the States.

    I wonder how much more expensive the Campus Bubble will be. But I’ve lost my love for the drinks anyways…I haven’t ordered something with tapioca in MANY years. I’ll go if they have slushes

    1. It’s quite interesting how people are using using their resources. A lot of the bigger guys I’ve seen are carrying the larger nerf guns, but for everyone else, they’re opting for more interesting or clever ways to survive; thinks like sock poi, modded nerf guns, and the like. :3 I wonder if we can apply this to a government take over of the university, if it ever happens…

      I’m only going if I desperately need bubble tea, which is rare. :3

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