a barrel of laughs

Congratulations to the graduates of Fall 2011!

I was clearly taking photos of the people graduating.

One story has many, many viewpoints. Ever had a friend come back from a long break, and you suddenly see all the flaws that you hadn’t realized before? Things like arrogance, ignorance, narcissism. Do you accept it and move on? I recently heard a story, a handful of people told me different things, and I still don’t know what to believe, other than no one is truly right or wrong. Something like a parody of Kurosawa’s Rashomon.

In terms of the Mathematics 3 building opening, I don’t have to describe anything if you just read the Record article about it. To summarize: important people from the government, university and area showed up to be thanked. There was delicious cider and cookies. I, for one, am looking forward to Pi Day/Pi Approximation Day. Apparently it was Ralph Stanton’s birthday last Friday, and despite the fact he passed away earlier this year, it never stopped people from celebrating his birthday. Always look on the brighter side!

“Brighter sides” of things are hard to find sometimes. Ever tried to bottle a thunderstorm? Have a day where you feel you can’t remember how to smile? Those days. But they come and go. Onto the next one~



  1. If I took a picture of the little girl, it’d be with a reason… possibly the set up involved with lining up students to receive their certificates. The image in question looking like a pedophile material is be questionable. If the girl (and only the girl) looked directly at your camera, it has potential. However, her view isn’t sexually oriented and her look doesn’t resemble anything that could be profoundly pedophilic. I’d say the man is innocent.

    The picture with the dad kneeling down to let their kids look at the camera is super cute tho… blurry but cute~

    1. I found your comment in the spam folder. ;A;

      It’s not pedo-material, more like questioning the rights we have to our image today. There was the story of the father that got called in by others because he was taking photos of his daughter.
      I was just wondering, just because of who I am, I’m not questioned…I’ve had friends go down to the States, and if they take photos, the one with the Arab background is stopped and questioned, while the other friend goes unnoticed.

      Yeah, they were cute…the two older ones were crawling all over the program boxes and the youngest kept on falling over. ^^U And the father just kept on taking photos, not paying any attention to the graduation ceremony. XD

      Hopefully there’ll be less blurry photos in the future.

      1. It’s AMERICA… anything can be sued for… even for something as dumb as eating a donut on the side walk (I made that up but you can get the point).
        It’s like comparing oranges to apples here… if there was a similar case in Canada, then there’s relation for picture debate… However, I rarely ever question the accuracy of American culture and would totally see that happening. Sadly, Canada runs a completely different ethics system so I see no trouble with taking pictures of girls, maybe if they weren’t your daughter, then that might just get slightly creepy.
        As per the Arab, it’s a very discriminatory event. America likes to claim they are all white washed citizens and so if other cultures are putting up a display of any kind, they’ll come and claim anything to make them look… how to put it nicely… on top of things and ensuring ENFORCEMENT to LAW is endorsed. It’s a very horrendous activity and is why I rarely take photos in America except under acknowledgement it is free range photo shooting.

    1. The room was full of kids…some just happened to be bigger than others. XD Can’t even imagine graduation; lots of flowers and proud parents.

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