and the adventure continues

I think I spent the year half-terrified out of my mind, and the other half, marveling at the possibilities that experimentation can bring.

Merry Christmas again! I hit “Publish” instead of the other action, so apologies for the double-post. A bit late to take back, but here goes.

Not so early anymore, haha. XD Don’t call the number, please.

As I mentioned before, I’m not to keen on posting personal-like messages on this blog (unless, of course, you have the clever eye as to see the allusions buried, such as the reference to “Milk Can Escape” will hopefully not become a club meme- that would be weird.)…but since a friend mentioned that it remind them that there’s a real human being(?) here behind this blog, I guess it’s OK. So, personal, but not too personal. Personal goes elsewhere. Almost seems like I’m holding the world at arm’s length, ne? I guess it works, always was prone to drifting on the edges of groups before joining in.

Caution works, sometimes. Guess your friendly neighbourhood bookworm grew up into a less introverted anime otaku. Acknowledging loss of childhood, loss of innocence; but not quite losing, as gaining another perspective on the same subjects that are presented. If you were to view it, it would be something like an ominiscient cameraperson/director, with the roving camera eye. It records, but does not interact with the scene. That works too, but to change one’s “fate” is the part of the challenge of being alive. To be able to change and grow. The wind travels onwards, whispering of the places it’s been, where it dreams to go, and you can only hope to be able to catch up as it runs its fingers up your spine. It reminds us that to stay still is to suffer a fate worse than that of death, never to move forward. Stuck. Go out and taste that freedom.

I got this as part of my good-bye present for my co-op job. Don’t ask where it is right now, just know that geese and nerf guns are a “fun” combination. 8D

Acknowledging abilities and “limitations”: Despite constant reassurances that limitations are merely mental in nature, this would infer that the acknowledgement of mental limitations is the actual answer to the question. “Knowledge” in the academic book sense will only get you so far before you realize that your practical application skills are weak, and you learn to keep up. Whether it’s trying to convey meaning or deciding to extend a olive branch; it’s an action worth trying. Or doing. *Yoda face* I don’t quite have the same fatalistic view on it as I used to, or rather, it’s a fatalistic view with a whole lot of laughter.

Laughter…Emily Dickinson’s words- “Mirth is the mail of anguish.” And considering how much I laugh, and sometimes for reasons no one else can see…maybe you’ll see the joy in it as well. I apologize if I’ve offended you in my laughter. But if I can laugh in your presence, it means a certain degree of trust and belief.

UWaterloo, where your co-ops never go hungry!

But I’m getting off topic again. Wait, what topic? I think in the space of year, communications variety and shrank. Growing in terms of having to come up with ways to convey messages that cannot be written in text format. But even that might never be enough, but knowing it won’t be just opens up the bar being pushed higher and higher in the expectation that, one day, it can be surpassed. That kind of impossibility exists for the sole reason to keep you on your toes, for you to be motivated to improve.

Pink is a cool colour.

Interpersonal connections are ever so varied, ranging from school, or to work, to club activities, to other. Each “thread” is precious. Humans, despite their inherent danger, beautiful prowling beasts that they are, band together and are capable of doing great feats that even beyond their own comprehension. Even if they can’t see it in themselves. But also, there is the need for awareness where the lines are, to read the others for what they are saying, and not saying. Ask the questions. There may not be answers, and they might not be the answers you want, but you were created with the ability to accept it, and if not, try to change the answer. Using the self as the test subject, as dangerous as it seems, is an alternative to taking the so-called “backseat” in your life. Being scuffed up, broken, standing up, bandaging yourself back together. With the help of good friends, of course…whatever do you think, that it can be done by yourself?
At the Ontario Universities Fair. Watch your back, ’cause the next generation is going to bigger, brighter; competition is going to be fierce. Bring it, I say.

To understand the situations that don’t require independence. Being of this age, now, there’s a desire to show what I can do, that I can do it myself, but not appropriate all the time. It’s hard to rely on others when you for sure when you can rely on yourself. Or can you?

When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability… To be alive is to be vulnerable.
-Madeleine L’Engle

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Allowing others to be vulnerable by offering up the possibility of trust and protection. A smile, a simple MSN message, revealing truths of the mind that no one has ever heard, including yourself. Suppose it’s something of a sounding-board, human interaction. Though, sometimes, reveal too much of the mind, and the other person will withdraw.

Application, application, application.

Dolly Parton: “I’m a-travelin’, travelin’, travelin’, I’m just travelin’ thru.”

In the bowels of the university- Creative Services.

Frustration with the disconnect between mental and physical age. The refusal for others to see you beyond your apparent age, and your ever present fear that you haven’t lived up to your own expectations. For others to be angry that you haven’t caught up as you limp along. XD

Getting too theoretical? Not enough solid news? Too bad. >.>

Merry Christmas~

I’ve said thanks to enough people elsewhere, but this is to whoever has been reading this blog so far, the handful of you. Thanks for talking the time, and passing on feedback.

Anyways, just needed to get that out of my system. This isn’t my New Year’s post…that’s coming. I keep asking other people about their resolutions. Maybe I’ll have some. *chortles* Just one? Or infinite possibilities.



  1. Yay, we get to see your door!

    Also, seeing you with a email address boggles my mind. Did you also have to use Outlook Web Access? (I do hope they didn’t break your regular email address in the process…)

    Sometimes I wonder if memes are just bullying in disguise.

    1. Thunderbird was what I was given to use. People sent me work emails at my normal address as well, which just made things more complicated than it should have been. XD

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