all the things unheard// connect-4

Some more photos!

How very, very small we are, as humans. The smallest of gestures, how you try to differentiate yourself from others by constant comparison, and realizing that you will get nowhere with it. The millions, trillions of one-way conversations you will have with those that you meet, and you realize not one of them is listening.

Or those words you have buried under your tongue, because you know that no one else believes such things are possible. Moving, shifted pictures that don’t align with the outlines you have drawn; the corner of your eye twitches as you try to spot what is elusively slipping away. And returning.

If happiness was something to be treasured, then all the darker shards of the human soul are sitting in the same pandora’s box- contrasting the light with the dark to throw shadows long and deep, but the light is pure.

Split-seconds when you realize that you never have registered on another person’s radar, and they suddenly actually see you.

Instead of you asking all the questions of them, they ask you some back, with some glimmer of interest in their eyes.

It’s almost like being acknowledged as not furniture, and instead, as a fellow human being.

RW: Phase one complete.


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