impassionate gods// stomp

Impassionate gods have never seen the red that is the Tatsuta River.

Chihayaburu/Kamiyo mo kikazu/Tatsuta-gawa/Kara-kurenai ni/Mizu kukuru towa
千早ぶる神代もきかず龍田川 からくれなゐに水くくるとは

As promised to RoseTech, here’s a photo of the Un-Go poster on my wall. It’s currently very empty because I haven’t decided whether or not to put up the rest of my old posters.

Don’t you have a song that keeps coming back, as a pattern? You forget it was there because it doesn’t exist on your playlist, but you think of it sometimes, and want to hear it again. You go back to when you last heard it, even though you’ve committed to moving forward.

Your ManSmash Mouth


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