pop rocks and coke

A quick update! If you are planning on voting in the Feds election next week, please consider reading the Imprint election guide pull-out in this week’s paper, and read up on all the candidates. Follow #votefeds on Twitter, and vote at vote.feds.ca.

Until then #chairpose; #thegreatmathNEWSdebate (video, as entertainment).

The Club That Really Likes Anime is hosting a marathon with GLOW on Wandering Son. I’ve recommended it in the past on my Deviantart, and I’d say it’s worth watching as a genuinely good show, if you’re not that into trans issues. Friday February 10, 4:30PM-10PM, in AL 113.

A collaboration with Aquarius-chan~

Safe to say:

I will be making up for sleep during Reading Week. Either that, or using my time to play Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom (they didn’t even spell it properly, it’s a long “o” sound).

What’s it about, you ask? See below.
Truly a very serious game.


Not that hard to guess who’s route I’m going after first…

If midterms and interviews have you down, you can have Goodsmile’s Cheerful Japan! Tachikoma (kawaii~) cheer you on! You can’t trade faces with the other nendos you may (or may not) have, but it comes with all the parts in the original nendoroid- unlike the original, you can buy it outside of Japan.



  1. InCAPTION~ Caption in Caption… at least you’re productively spending your time~
    I’ve got volunteering, looking for a job, updating portfolio and homework all week long. Maybe some gaming in between…

    1. I guess we’re all stuck in Waterloo together…have that stuff to do, but it’s very depressing the amount of work that needs to be done, so I rather not think about it/write about it. T^T

      Think of POSITIVE things! XD *lightning blast*

  2. woowzzz loves the artwork! are you putting all together for something or are they all just seperate?
    so jealous :3 you gets to drawwwww and make arttt.

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