scarlet ballet// a tale about umbrellas

If you had the ability to trade one part of yourself away for something else, what would you choose? A memory, an ability, a belief? An actual, physical part of yourself? Would you trade it for yourself, or for the sake of someone else?

I didn’t finish this…yet.

I just wanted to use stars somewhere.

Vectors~ Inspiration- 398hajime on Deviantart // pixelanddead on Deviantart (as always)

Hybrid Media project: It took forever to render, and crashed programs repeatedly. But fun, once I stopped being afraid of it. Unfortunately that took a while to build up to. I slept a lot of my Reading Week away. XD
Rendering takes a long time.


Hakuoki: finished one route! I’m very slow at this, indecisive personality that I have. I’m a little sorry that I might be annoying people by talking about it too much, but I’m happy there’s other people that are enjoying it as well. Otome games aren’t quite as solo as I thought it was going to be. XD I’ll write a post/flowchart of how it was later. It’s a lot of fun, to see how the writers built their world, what kinds of choices you can make.

You have to play it and try to get the “good” end to see this. ^_^

Working from my hometown after this term is done, and going to get my driver’s license. XD Wonder what I need to prepare for that…I’ll definitely be investing in a good pair of shoes and a bus pass. Living at home, I wonder what has changed. I bet someone is going to comment my chinese has gotten rusty…I miss evening news at home, sometimes.

Blackout in Waterloo~ It was really short, but if you’re working in a lab, nothing gets done. What happens when you shuffle all the Fine Arts people out of their building? They stick close to the building…and here I thought they were going to stay warm in E5, which still had power. Hydro One has a handy map for figuring out how much power is out, so I’ll keep the link for a later date. Note- texts don’t work too well (I tried to tweet, but it never got sent; delayed text messages from people). Oh, flashlights are obsolete in the age of cellphones and other electronics that can light up.

March of the Fine Arts penguins.

Humans vs. Zombies returns! Don’t forget to register next week.

Have this song stuck in my head.

Though, the Meghan Tonjes cover is better.

BRSB photos are almost done. Sleep~


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