poor marksmanship// operator, operator

So I finally went and uploaded the photos! I took a lot of them, and had to pick only “a few.”

This is an awkward place for me to put this…but thanks to the special person that got me this. I guess we don’t agree on things all the time, and I don’t understand your methods often, but I’m glad that I’ve gotten to know you over this last year. I did enjoy thinking about the thought process you put into this, and it seems like something always happening around holidays…hope you’ll stick around. Reassured yet? XD I really do like her. “Hermia,” is appropriate, don’t you think?

I visited the grad studios today, because they were actually open to be viewed for once, when they’re usually pocked behind a door. There’s only about 7 graduate students in there, but it’s inspiring to see, that after all this mind-numbing grinding in classes, there’s some insight, some new light being shed on art. I guess I’ve been really cynical about art and design, that anything new has already been discovered, but that’s not the case.

Anyways, activity filled weekend ahead~ Not sure how, but I’ll fit in my schoolwork. Probably going to play Hakuoki a bit more, watch some anime, try not to get too riled up about things.

All humans say contradictory things, and those that deny it are liars, or truly believe their own words.

Preview of a drawing project!

It’s little things like this…

and this, (Okita route)

…that make me…hmm, how should I put it…happy? That people have a passion for their hobby. Anime is like that. Some people burn out and don’t care, others, it’s a steady flame. Usually, it’s a lot more fun when you have others, with the same flame around.

And now because of something someone mentioned, I can’t play Hakuoki without seeing the word “Furies” without the extra “r.” =_=

And if you haven’t taken a look yet, here’s a preview of next season’s anime! I’m listed as watching a lot of them, but in reality, I just taste test them, and stick to one or two shows for a season. I can’t eat and watch anime next term, so I’ll be watching less shows.

I wonder if my photography skills have improved at all.


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