various purposes of a human// sabishikatta

Failed resolution: “Listen better.”

More Unbuttoned, for their new website.

Walking Away -Craig David

Cosplay cafe was alright, just need to work on planning a bit more. Second time in heels (wasn’t aware of it), and I suppose it wasn’t too hard talking to people, especially if they bother to keep up with anime in general. The one topic of conversation I can actually hold down well…there was a common pattern of guys who keep up with One Piece. =_= But there were plenty of CTRL-A for company. And Beast-chan came to visit. XD I forgot to take pictures, will remember for next time (what? thinking about next time already?).

There are more than a few things I’m not suited for, so it’s hard to tell where you don’t fit. If you place yourself in a space you don’t belong in, is it because you never had enough faith in the first place to see it as a place you could be? Or that you choose not to limit yourself, and place yourself there.

Video project is progressing.

What is your exact value as a person? Do you become friends with someone because you want to gain a basic understanding of how another person works? Is it sheer curiousity, because you don’t understand them at all? How often do we shed our friends when they no longer become of value of us? And should you care, that you’re valued less? In a process to continue re-inventing yourself, what do you lose?

The people hesitating about Humans vs. Zombies- is it because they really don’t have time… or maybe they just need a little push? Perhaps, this is their way of checking whether other people care enough that they’re playing as well, that they want to play together. After all, HvZ isn’t just for meeting new people, it’s for strengthening old connections, too. I’m overthinking it, aren’t I?

And just when you thought I’d stop with the Hakuouki stuff…(From Pjcherri, who surprisingly took up on Hakuouki more than anticipated. Yeah!)


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  1. To truly appreciate the beauty of the world, one must understand all they wish to appreciate in it.

    I should come here and read more often, I really enjoy listening to your deeper thinkings ^_^

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