recipes for instant happiness

Not going to be done in time. It happens.

Ever wonder why your projects and attempts at “fixing” things end up in failure? That you believe the best in someone, you put faith in them, but it back-fires? Or that you’re somehow, no matter what you do or think, always wrong?

Instant happiness is a mix of 3 parts sheer will, 2 parts steel, 1 part sugar. The ability to understand that you can’t fix everything, and even if you try really, really hard for someone else, you’re never going to reach their ideals.

Too bad there’s no such thing.

I guess I’ll just call it a week and go to AN to hang out, and ogle all the cute cosplayers. Minus the ogling. Maybe, look reverently and in jealousy because they look good, and appreciate how much effort they put into their outfits.

The greatest of all gifts…is people who do not tie strings to their affection.

Not too keen on over-analyzing before AN, so I’ll just enjoy my summer this way. It’s not like anything is keeping me here, or there, or anywhere.

Hope I don’t forget anything important to take to the con. ^_^



    1. It was was a lot of fun…maybe because I’m still discovering new aspects of the fandom (I started playing video games this year). A lot of the “older” crowd of friends showed up to hang out, mostly. Lots of cosplay…hmm.

      I know what you mean when you feel like you’ve outgrown it. >< It happens…maybe you'll rediscover it again a few years, maybe not. But lots of good memories, yes?

      I'm posting a report soon~ Please read it if you have time. Or stalk your FB friends' photos. :P

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