the silent blade in the breeze

Bon Iver- Skinny Love

So many things need to be fixed…

On the metaphor of a battlefield:
Imagine an empty field. A calm, cool wind blows through, and the grass sways. There is nothing in this field for miles but silence.

Now imagine it fenced in, and there are signs warning of mines.

There is sufficient warnings around the field that no one will venture into it unless forced to, but it stays in your mind, and you think about it day in and day out, you can’t help it, it stands there in that corner and festers.

You walk past it everyday, go on with your life, but the field…it remains that same. No one ever steps on it, so nothing changes. One day, you have the mad desire to run across the field. Running across is will not necessarily going kill you, because, well, there’s only a few mines, and they are scattered, and no one knows for sure where they are. No, you don’t want to scan it with a metal-detector, and there is no bomb-sniffing dog, and you are not a mine-diffuser expert.

Now, take this metaphor, and apply it to relationships you have in your life. Are there things that you know you will destroy if you decide to set them off, or do you choose to tiptoe around them for the rest of your life? What if that extra action, to talk to people you are not supposed to, say the truthful things that will hurt others, to run across the field in order to get rid of the feeling of anticipation has unintended side-effects?

How do you control the destruction “radius” and collateral damage?


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