mizu ni nagasu// 水に流す

OK Go – Needing/Getting

The more I think about UI and design (as a broad concept), the more I see everything as cumbersome and not done at the optimal method. Or perhaps I am the one that needs to change? The more I have to wait for page to load, the harder I have to look for the “tweet” icon on my page…I sometimes wonder what technology will be like when I get older, and it is no longer geared towards “me.” My eyesight will become worse; my mind, slower.

For example, have you ever taken the time to patiently teach someone who is against, or afraid of technology, something new? Perhaps, a parent, a grandparent, a friend. I suppose, the biggest thing that people are afraid of is to made fun of. People are by no means stupid, but all the things that supposedly come “intuitively” becomes a burden when you try to teach someone who is not as familiar with it. As you sit behind someone who is not as familiar, it is interesting to see them try to figure out the method as to how to understand it, and teach them patiently.

I got on this tangent because I’ve applied to DrawSplash as an graphics “intern” out of curiousity, and they’ve already asked me to critique their frontpage slider, which I completed. After that, I’ve been asked to critique their whole website, as part of their interview process.


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  1. There is a thing I fear to tell my friends—something that XKCD did a comic on about a year after I figured it out. And that’s teaching people what kerning means in typography, and how a lot of people do it improperly when it comes to things like poster and signage design.

    I tend to tell only two types of people this point: those that I think are savvy enough to care and those that I want to annoy.

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