euphonious //你明白嗎?

Home- noun, adjective, adverb,verb

Eiji is reading about business models…?

1. a house, apartment, or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person, family, or household
2. the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered.
3. an institution for the homeless, sick, etc.: a nursing home.
4. the dwelling place or retreat of an animal.
5. the place or region where something is native or most common.

A name tag for my cubicle in cubicle-land…

…and so ends another 4 months. I know, I know, we’re supposed to live our lives to the best of our abilities, but right now, this is the only way I can have a structure to my thinking and memory. I really like to parse things to understand them better.

I actually define my existence, my every day, running from deadline to deadline, in a way. But more about that later.

There was some things I accomplished, and other ways, I didn’t bother. I feel that I did invest my energy into the right things, so I don’t feel bad that I didn’t do what I had set out to do.

Project- G1:
With all the friends with cars, and ready to drive, I’m behind in this matter. I have to say I did get started on studying for the G1 test, but never did take the half-day off to get it done. Why? No idea. I just didn’t feel like using more of my work days. I guess I was striving for a more positive impression at my workplace? I had taken a day or two off on short notice for health-related things that I had not anticipated, so those “extra days” I used towards that.

Project- Upgrade skills:
Drawing has improved a little, and I’m trying a new style of colouring for work in Photoshop. I keep seeing and thinking about design, so it’s both a gift and a curse when someone gives you something to look at. You want to give as much positive feedback as possible, as well as the “constructive” kind. My editing brain doesn’t turn off, so to speak.

*Psst*Don’t tell them I posted this. The other co-ops on my floor. o_od

In the process of learning JavaScript through CodeAcademy…I think, in doing this, what I learned is that no one at school will ever teach me this kind of thing, and learning must be taken upon oneself. Future goal: build. Build things, rather than being told to “make it pretty.”

As for my co-op this summer, I really did learn a lot. Leaving the university, I was exposed to…the “real world,” I guess? In a really raw manner. In addition to the fear of having your job taken away from you, to communicating with others that of a different generation than I.

So what did I learn? A lot about design, indirectly, and how Microsoft Office Tools are designed to be used. The formatting for hundreds of pages of a major document, the excruciating amount of care and detail that needs to be taken into each and every edit…I’m very proud of the work I did this term. I didn’t save the world or anything, but I feel that I gave it my best at a job where I was basically drowning in pages and pages of technical jargon and minimal help.

I learned that I have a short amount of patience for others that waste my time. Time is precious. A plan of attack will save you hours of back-tracking and wasted effort. Always, always, always make a paper trail, and take notes.

Family-  lived at home for four months, and I feel that before this, I knew very little about my family. Maybe just that when I left for school, I had this set way of thinking, and I was very comfortable in that mold, but as I come back “home” as an outsider of sorts, I see and understand a lot more about the dynamic between individual members.

Summer season: you basically couldn’t go a week on Facebook without someone announcing their engagement or someone getting married. Must be hitting an age threshold…not really that interested in these happenings, they just kind of throw you for a loop, as you realize you’re getting old.

Thinking about after university- I had a panic-attack about my original plans for post-grad, but I’ve got most of it sorted out now. I’m not entirely sure if it’ll work out, but currently, I’m just going to learn as much as possible, and start taking notes about grad programs I might like, or places I would like to work at in the future.

I actually don’t have anything to complain about in terms of my goals of “growing up” this term. I feel that I have acted according to the best plan of action that I believe to be the right way for any situation.

Anyways, back to school. No real goals other than do my best and try to keep afloat, improve Japanese, and better my web design skills.


I decided to put all the photos last, they’re mostly for me to write about the things I liked. XD

A certain otaku picnic, with an overwhelming percentage of people that like a certain english otome game. Sushi from wakawaka, pomegranate aloe from Luckee, green tea cake from J. Salsa dip made by BS, but the sandwiches were by yours truly. 

Various side-trips looking for the right place.

Some places, like Pacific Mall, you go there only to mingle, not really to enjoy the activities…?

I’m going to miss home food so bad. ;_;

Volunteering for the Simons Aurora project, headed by the UW architecture professor Philip Beesley.

I wonder if all the things I remember are important…

New figure member. ^_^ Beast-chan and Tachikoma make a good team. o u o

Touched base with a lot of friends…and many of them aren’t sure where to go right now.

Just trying not to worry about school and finding work too much.


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