why don’t you do right?

Been busy with fonɛtɛks and start of term, so I’ll keep this short-

My old blog finally got its long-needed facelift into a portfolio

My last co-op employer gave me a bit of advice about my personality- they thought I tended to understate my achievements and accomplishments, and needed to “toot my horn” more often. The purpose of it is to leave an impression on those around you, and if a project comes out and they need advice, they know who to ask. I suppose that’s why most of the people I consider “successful” in my eyes have that extra cockiness? o_o;;

Club That Really Likes Anime F’12 membership cards. Stay tuned for the 20th anniversary designs.

Join our party!

And…the last thing, well, I’ll upload later once I make it shiny. Web fonts and free reign over design? Check, and check.

Peggy Lee- Why don’t you do right?
Presentation Zen // Note and Point // Fount

I found this while digging in an old notebook. It makes me happy. That is all. :P

Until next time!



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