lexical categories

What should I wish for?

(Contracts, perhaps?)

Slide deck mock-up.

You’d think from this that I can’t do legible mock-ups.

rrrrrrrroll tumblr – spinning things on their axis to demonstrate time.



  1. Sign contract here X____________________ and become a magical girl :3 Your perks include free consultation on content presentation design.

    Might want to darken the blue used for text, and no need to place the fancy Velocity logo everywhere unless they said so; the logo distracts people from being able to see the big picture~ Also reduce content text to as little as possible (but I see placeholder) but just saying. People don’t like to read what’s on the presentation, they want to hear information to be more informed~

    Missing photos? Request repository of images / go use Imprint camera to take photos of Velocity students and events? Turn your stalking mode on!

  2. Is this supposed to go on a kiosk? Or is it a pitch deck? Large blocks of text make my eyes glaze over – even if it’s just Lorem Ipsum. Use bullets, or make the speaker memorize the important points?

    Otherwise, you seem to be going in the right direction. Handwritten annotation with arrow reminds me of xkcd. Consider whether that style would be a good fit in the final deck.

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