the restaurant at the end of the universe

So, this is what happens when a fire alarm goes off during Imprint production night.

King-Victoria Transit Hub…white text is too light, and too many fonts.

More copyright, and rightly so.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Ramblings of A Slightly Wiser Artist

I really don’t understand what people don’t see me as an “artist.” Sometimes, they question if I’m creative enough, others they don’t believe that I do art, and even others tell me they want “original,” “one of a kind pieces.” Why does working digitally and printing one copy make it more the precious?

What drives me crazy is that these people think they can make money by making art that is one of a kind, original. Print one copy, and it will be original. One copy, and only those that care enough to look will understand.

What there is to say about art, through art, has already been said, many times over. We all paraphrasing, quoting in our artist’s statements, and I cannot claim that I understand all art. As much as I love art, I hate it just as much – I hate being ignorant, I hate existing in a vacuum that does not have enough data, I hate being valued based on what my work looks like rather than its message.

Do you not think that taking a photo of your art is not making a copy, making it less precious? Why does my art have a value, are you not here to “say something,” and not say the lines others want you to say, and then buy to place in their living rooms?

The art world is very concentrated. If you make it, you can make money and grants, you become a professor and tell another generation that they will fail. If not, I suppose you’ll fade into obscurity and hand your dreams to your child.

Don’t lump me into the group that has done nothing, is doing nothing. I am doing what I can, and what I believe in. I believe that most artists choose not to communicate clearly because they want their art to be mysterious, because they want to withhold the magic of their work.

I’m learning communication, I’m doing a lot of work. Don’t lump me in with those people that do nothing and expect results. I’m not like them. Why do you think I keep this blog? To please you? To make you happy? No, and no. Do I want to prove myself? Perhaps.

I’ll never be good enough, and this why I keep trying. Done just means to do more. Break things and learn from them. Believe in yourself.


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