i’ll keep looking for you, even after you’re gone

Tips on how to deal with mid-term irritability-

It is the time of the term where good friends will turn into snarling beasts, and bitter rivals won’t even waste effort to look in your direction- you know it’s mid-term season. It’s a rather unbearable period, as you’ll suddenly find yourself drowning in more projects than planned, and you’re wondering where all your free time went. The lethal combination of little sleep, lack of good company, and poor diet often leads to something I call “mid-term irritability.”

There are several ways to dealing with it, as it is not possible to entirely blow off stress by avoiding the source of stress, but this will make you bearable in the company of others. You’re irritable? Well, so am I. Get on with it.

a. A little complaining is OK, but exploding is not. Take a walk, grab a drink of water.
b. Eat well. I can’t deal without snacks. If you see someone neglecting food and they’re not getting anywhere in their work because of it, ask if they want to grab food together. 15 minutes won’t kill you.
c. Do not belittle the mid-terms or assignments of another person. Treat each faculty and deadline equally. Others have stress too, but just because you have a x-faculty 55% mid-term doesn’t give you the entitlement to disrespect their studies.
d. Friends, not-friends- stuff happens. Some things can wait. Some things can’t. Use your judgement.
e. If lack of sleep is turning you into a raging person, make a point of staying away from people.
g. Celebrate the little things, even if you have a bazillion things to do after. You’ll need it. Done just means doing more, so keep yourself motivated!

Phi says “hi”! And she misses people~ Maybe after midterms…

Miku-chan wants to play Dreamy Theatre…

More banners.

Anyways, back to work.


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