sleepless nights in the city

Some old posts of work I had neglected earlier.

Photos taken of Nuit Blanche Toronto (September 29, 2012), and originally published in the October 5, 2012 issue of Imprint.

Interactive installation by UW Architecture students. 
Shelley Miller’s “Throw-Up”
Yves Caizergues’ “Green Invaders”
Michael Alstad’s “Liquid Cohesion”

I’ve also posted this to my fine arts blog, White Wind Musings, in addition to my entire third year fine arts documentation. Check it out when you have time. ^_^

And it turns out the Christmas presents I had agonized over aren’t going to be here until next year…super-early birthday gifts, perhaps? ><"

Maybe it's just me, but the people that complain about others that post too much about themselves- is it because you yourself have nothing worthy of being posted about, or an odd sense of envy that another person has happiness?

It is that season after all, where you can't quite walk around a mall or a public place without feeling envy about the people around you.

Anyways. Time to sleep.


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