forever forward

Most personal problems can be solved by changing the mindset. And maybe every year, our minds slow and our wits dim, but we have to all keep growing up.

Don’t just think about making things, apply it.

Dots and lines, vectors and colours- all just a tiny portion of what one person can do in changing the environment around them.

This isn’t really the time for that though…it is, after all, the end of another year. I met plenty of people this year, and managed to get along with most of them, and solved a few problems on my own terms. I visited another province, saw a 3D printer in person, went on a road-trip. Whether it’s the people you meet at the Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference, or the York Anime and Manga Association, or the Club That Really Likes Anime, or Imprint, or wherever…each has its area of interest that you can learn from.

Went to British Columbia and UVic! Managed to come back with help. >_<
And then you get the point where terms like “GPA,” “GRE,” and “transcript requests” roll off your tongue easily, and you’re wondering how the heck did you get here, and why does it feel like all the things you did this year happened in a long ago past. From drowning in studio work in the winter, going home in the summer, and being here. All the Quest marks are up, and you can affirm that all your hard work in the last term didn’t go to waste.

Outside of that, it’s been a lot of activities to try and explore the things I like. There might be some interesting developments in the new year (Design club? Critical Media Lab? Hanging out in a hackerspace? New programs? Sneaking into conferences?), and I can get a better idea of what exactly I want to do post-graduation. I know I did mention to some people about grad programs I will be looking into, in addition to trying to find a job for the summer term. No finger-crossing, since that’s superstitious, and I really hope I can do it on my own steam.

I won’t read everything, but this is the general tone of my post-exam break.

On being careful with words- there’s plenty of words that I feel strongly about, and I hate when people use them without regard to whether they really apply. Words like “designer” (what do you design?), “entrepreneur” (what are you working on?), “artist” (what kind of art do you make?), but then again, there’s plenty of of other labels that you don’t tell people, or explain…or maybe they’re not interested. Point is, if you give yourself some kind of label, try to live up to it, and not just wear the title like a pompous idiot.

Anyways, it looks like the Fine Arts department has decided that since I’m not enrolled in any of the classes, I’m not allowed in any of the labs or spaces (which is valid), but that means I’m going to be short on work-space, especially if I want to try things I had in mind for the new year.

If anything, I think the best teachers have been online ones…there’s so many free resources out there, they’re just hard to find (or not), and I guess there’s a bit of hesitation about admitting to being interested. From really interesting blogs on design, endless Youtube documentaries and conferences, we really are living in a fortunate time.

I learned that having a good work space is key. I really hope we get the studio space promised to fourth-year fine arts students, or else I’m going to be working in my room (again).

Things to remember for the new year-

  • Draw and/or design consistently. Work will be work, fun will be fun. At the same time, even better.
  • If in a fight, fight fair, and in a civilized manner. Rage-quitting is not usually a valid option.
  • Get that G1 you promised yourself last year. I probably won’t try for the G2 until after I graduate.
  • Join groups you don’t understand, and try to imitate them for a short while. Call it an experiment.
  • Try not to measure the affection of others in weird ways.
  • Procrastination is your worst enemy.
  • Taking a lighter course load is not the end of the world as long as you make up for it in the next 8 months.
  • Find a physical activity that you don’t hate and do it.
  • Despite your dislike for “polished” and/or “fake” people, there’s something to be learned about professionalism from them.
  • Cook for yourself more often.
  • Practice and use empathy.

The one thing you can’t buy on Boxing Day is better drawing/critical thinking skills…that’s OK, that’s what a library card and internet connection is for.

I may or may not try to the Velocity residence, since I have decided that, above all else, my grades have to go up in the next few terms. Other activities will, inevitably, take the backseat, even if I care a lot about it.

I want to learn to “design” in different ways, mostly for the generic term “change for the better.” Go out and make a difference in your own way! Much like the way fine arts is supposed to be, design is not mainly, or “just” making things pretty, or “logical.” If you study English, you know that human “reason” is based on a variety of factors, including emotion.

This is me signing off for another year~ Take care of yourselves, and best wishes for the new year! I hope you all find something that you are passionate about and learn to hold onto it- it doesn’t have to be job-related, or school-related, or something to impress someone else. Go do it!


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