my sword and shield

I sometimes think about “small problems” (everyday things I think can be resolved with a little bit of extra effort for less effort in the long run); and yesterday’s discussion with Pjcherri was about the lack of pockets on female outfits for smartphones, and ways to get around it. Although people might say that putting the phone in a purse will suffice, a purse is actually not appropriate for all situations, and most people are unwilling to put their phones down, even for a little while.

Next time, I will actually look up what the item is before I tell people my solution was (in a joking, call-caps manner) “SMARTPHONE GARTER BELTS,” when I actually meant was thigh holsters and garters, or variation on the thunderwear for phones. Overall, with the new BlackBerry 10 out, smartphones are going to be a part of our lives now, we might as well make room for it. It’s slightly uncomfortable to watch friends and co-workers put their phones in strange places…or perhaps my definition of “strange” is stricter.

But the overall idea is that I was thinking that the phone aound be safer closer to the body. But that would mean that I’m enforcing the idea that women have some reason to have their phone nearby? @_@

Team Willet 2~ I played for the first time, and I’ll hopefully get better so I can be more useful in team battles. Art by S. Lannigan.

Thanks to everyone that helped with the semiotics of “casual” attire.


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