the final ascent

I’ll get to uploading the other graphic design work I’ve been busy with lately, but here’s my first “project” I made at Kwartzlab.

I traced the patterns form a jacket I own onto cookie parchment and newspaper, and then transfered it onto the denim.

No buttons yet, going to have to wait to get home to do those.
IMG_0500 Cosplay photo

I have a feeling I could have used the surger for some part of it, but since I wasn’t too confident, I’m going to save that for next time. The original cosplay image has long sleeves, but it might be too hot to wear at the convention, so I cut them short. :V Not accurate, but at least I’ll be “cooler,” haha.

I’ve gathered most of the materials I will need for the creation of a PSYCHO-PASS Dominator, including LEDs, wires, heatshrinks, batteries, resistors, but the modelling is taking a lot longer than I thought. The two choices after modelling it with a hollow interior is to slice it to be laser cut, or printed in several parts using a 3D printer. I’ll post a diagram of what the circuit will look like in the next post, I’m probably going to go with one resistor per LED, with several parallel circuits powering red and green lights.

You can now pick up your memberships cards for CTRL-A at shows! I’ll probably post a photo of that soon, but I can guarantee it’s summer-themed! Swimming pools, swimming shorts, swimming anime…heh heh.

Off to Anime North this weekend, so will be busy for the next bit catching up on courses before/after the con. I’m doing separate coverage for Imprint and AAB, since the rest of the gang is going to Anime Boston instead this year.


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