I think I’d like to try and make the violin from Fisheye Placebo sometime.
fisheye distorted lens

Mario Savio’s Speech at Sproul Hall Steps, December 2, 1964

Progress photos

The major outfit part of the cosplay was a suit, which I purchased from the Valu Village at King and Ottawa. The headphones is made of coat hanger wire and craft foam. The mask shown below is paper mache, but I discovered it was too heavy.

I abandoned my paper mache mask (despite being almost completely done), and switched over to craft foam, and added stretched nylon over the eye parts. I used sticker label paper to design the mask, and both sides of the mask were overlaid with clear sticker paper. Visibility is very poor when the mask is put on, and the elastic isn’t very well attached…I’ll remake it better sometime.





One of the few selfies I’ll probably ever take.


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