blue roses


I have made the decision to not get Christmas presents for people (I know I said this last year), mostly because I need to save up for next year. I don’t think a lot of people quite appreciate the number of hours and effort sunk into freelance and part-time work, and how long it takes to pick out gifts (usually takes weeks or more of mulling and brainstorming, but I managed to get it down to 3 days for Secret Santa). I think I’d like to try and learn where the value in others lie, aside from wanting to buy things for them.

While not every instance of gift-giving ended in a disaster, but there was enough incidents of either chickening out (meaning I still have it), or having gifts rejected, that I don’t think I’ll bother this time around. Probably going to use it towards “time” – dinners, going out for tea with important friends, activities. It’s not really that negative, I guess, just a different method. ^^U

Back to work~





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