before my body is dry// don’t lose your way

These aren’t as creative as the last batch I made, but I felt really happy with this set for some reason. >u>”









W14 FB Banner

Attempting to be creative…>_>
grim reminder

I’ll post the membership cards when I get them printed. We’re working on something with K-W Tricon to get discount codes to go, more information on that later.

Things are going to be really busy at work, so if I’m not in class, I’ll be in the Feds office. Though, my parents are a bit concerned that I’m putting so much energy into a part-time job when I should be concentrating on graduating this term (and this isn’t even including the club activities and side-projects I want to do). This will probably be my last major post before school, as there’s a lot of work still to be done on my undergraduate thesis and studio.

Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips


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