this is not a toy

Credit for the stock image belongs to januarystock on Deviantart.

This was created as a class design assignment, this is not a real party invitation.
Feedback for assignment:

  • weak on text, typesetting and alignment
  • edit text to be shorter
  • mismatch between font types and capitals
  • Nexa font is too similar to Gotham
  • bolded text is smaller than the text below it, causes disconnect between what is important
  • possible to overlap the text in “After Party” to tie the two parts of the invitation together, make it more fun
  • space between the “You’re invited” and next line is odd
  • map out of alignment on one side
  • “dumb” quote in “You’re invited”
  • confusion of em/en dash in invitation
  • trapped space between text and map
  • “Semi-formal attire” can be be “Semi-formal”

Party invitation wip


I made another thing-


I made this using Google Slides because it needed to a. be done in a few hours b. be online. Condensing a 2 page transcript into 4 slides while keeping mind audience and adding images – I ended using a lot of Wikimedia Commons.
View the slides online


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