where warriors are born

T-shirts designed for Spirit Day at Waterloo.
Front design.
Spirit Day T-shirt Front
Back design.
Spirit Day T-shirt Back
WTFeds Spirit Day t-shirts V5_separate-01 WTFeds Spirit Day t-shirts V5_separate-02

The doodling with SketchUp to design marketing booths didn’t really get anywhere, probably won’t be posting that until classes are done. It seems like a lot of classmates and studiomates are in the process of getting ready to start jobs/looking for a job/or planning vacations, and I suppose this will be the last time we’ll be in the same place again.

I’ve started cutting back on the hours in the Feds Marketing office to concentrate on final projects and end-of-term things for the Club That Really Likes Anime. It’s hard to acknowledge that there’s only about two more weeks of classes left before exams, and then graduation. I know for sure this isn’t the end of “higher education” for me, and I definitely think that hopefully, someday, I could be able to bring some change to it, whether through academia or otherwise.


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