paper cages// to eat

The concept of the project was to consider scale and materiality. In this case, I was inspired by Shigeru Ban and Frank O. Gehry’s fish lamps. The packaging and instructions “expand” on the project, and are included as patterns for the lamp itself. The extra pieces to act as templates for making more pieces of the lamp, if needed.

The light bulb was switched to the fluorescent type.
IMG_1865 IMG_1867 IMG_1869 IMG_1870 IMG_1872 IMG_1873

Thanks to Agnes and people at Kwartzlab for the advice about materials.

Also, this appears to be my 500th post, as WordPress keeps telling me what number it is when I punch “Publish.” I guess this blog kind of morphed out of a drawing blog and more into design project archive. Hopefully I’m getting better? o-o Is there more things that you guys want to see more of? I know there are areas I can fix (tagging and finding things on here is the pits), any feedback would really help.

I was thinking once I get all the backlog out of the way, this blog might either go back to sketches or into daily/weekly challenges on new skills I’m learning. There’s a few online courses I’ve always wanted to have more time to sit down (or stand up?) and learn, so if you have any you would recommend, please let me know in the comments. I’m definitely interested in strengthening my HTML/CSS prototyping skills, as well as building things in 3D (Rhino, AutoCad, SketchUp). It might be a bit ambitious, but I want to do something to get better. * cues Pokemon theme * I wanna be the very best, that no one ever was…

Anyways…。.:*・.ヾ(눈_눈)ノ゙.:*.・.. Moving back home for a few weeks!



  1. It’s surprising how much blogs mutate. My blog has changed so much! I like that you post a lot of the various pieces you make. My only suggestion for this blog is that I would like to see more of the work organized into categories. Your blog is perfectly fine without them, but categories are categories. I find them to be helpful in organizing all the thoughts that I put on my blog. (Perhaps that’s why I have so many of them.)

    1. It’s possible to make this! The shape I used is the same for puzzle lamps (you can repeat up to about 32 pieces and get a sphere). The lithography part might be a bit hard to do at home, though. :3

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