designing thinking for arts students // spit your sadness away

For our final term project in “Rhetoric of Digital Design” class, we were required to create groups and work on a project that used the skills that were taught in the class, in order to further develop and understand the use of media across print and web. The original proposal was to build a website to distribute the booklet, as well as creating a print version. After getting feedback on our proposal and progress report, we decided to put more time into laying out and writing a print edition of our magazine.
We settled on the topic of “design thinking” fairly early. I had been re-reading Change By Design by Tim Brown, and after doing some user research, we came to the conclusion that “design thinking” was something that lacking in the Arts faculty curriculum, and set out to figure out a way to convey the information to Arts co-op students. We tried to write it so it would be accessible to anyone, and in the end was somewhat successful. The Style Guide was created, and then used on the final project.

Layout group meeting!


We ended doing a lot of research on the library database (and quoting from books), but the best part was probably going to do research first-hand. We ended up going to see Ed Jernigan, a professor that university who is extremely knowledgeable on the topic. I think by putting the course code, ENGL408C, in the email, we were mistaken for Engineering students, rather than Arts/English. o_o


The final product is a bit rough around the edges, but I think in the time frame, it was a fun project.


Design Thinking
A Primer for Arts Co-op Students

Adobe InDesign (layout), Photoshop (image editing), Illustrator (graphics), EOS Rebel T2i (photography)

S. Ratslaff, M. Belmonte, M. Lee, A. Wong

Special thanks:
Aimée Morrison (Department of English)
Ed Jernigan (Knowledge Integration, Systems Design Engineering)

Design Thinking 101 - Final-1

Design Thinking 101 - Final-2

Design Thinking 101 - Final-3

Design Thinking 101 - Final-4

Design Thinking 101 - Final-5

Design Thinking 101 - Final-6

Design Thinking 101 - Final-7

Design Thinking 101 - Final-8

Design Thinking 101 - Final-9

Extra mock-ups.
Design-thinking bookcover-mock

Design-thinking cover-mock
This is one is a bit eh.
Design-thinking inside-mock

-photos are taken from different “depths of field” (inconsistent)
-text jargon is heavy at times


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