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Just messing around with some new fonts. We use a lot of  Google fonts at work.

A Dream Within a Dream by Glitch Mob

It’s been confirmed that I’ll be graduating- but that just means new things are on the way. When someone asks you how the graduated life is treating me, I reply that I’m working, but I suspect what they’re alluding to is the lack of deadlines, and just not being able to determine what you’ll be doing x-months from now. One person asked me this recently, and I told them that I gained a lot of self-doubt, about what I should be doing, whether I’m worthy of being hired, or if my parents have genuinely accepted that I didn’t grow up as planned (they’re well-intentioned, of course).

So where does this lead to? I guess in some ways, I can answer “what do English RPW/Fine Arts/Digital Media students do?” to some degree of accuracy. At least for the next eight months, I’ll be learning all I can from the course developers, and will be figuring my way around a few new Adobe products (Audition, Premiere, After Effects) and several other programs. At orientation, the manager stated that “no one is being thrown under the bus”- the department is pretty big, and there are lots of projects with deadlines, but the people are nice and the work contains a great amount of variety. One moment you could be designing icons and logos, the next animating physics diagrams, editing audio, creating green screen backgrounds, or drawing up infographics, or making course design mock-ups and trying new fonts. Anything and everything that needs to be done.

I was given access to lynda.com, and have been using it for their “Interaction Design Fundamentals,” “Introduction to Camtasia” (used for screen-casting), and I’ve bookmarked a few other design-related courses. So far I’ve completed:

  • Interaction Design Fundamentals
  • Web Accessibility Principles
  • Foundations of UX: Usability Testing
  • UX Design Techniques: Analyzing User Data
  • CSS: Transitions and Transforms

What have I been up to? I’ve been a bit confused about what I should be doing at the moment, and so far, I’ve been trying to find time to read books for reading’s sake (I have neglected non-university related reading in the last few years, and I think I’m up to reading more for fun again), taking a few online courses, messing around to learn Arduino and Raspberry Pi better, and learning how to read Japanese. Maybe I can also do more photography and drawing? XD I’d like to be a bit more confident, I think, if there is something like that can be a goal. I talked to someone at a company I wanted to work for recently! I’m not sure why I’m proud, but it was a bit awkward, and I got rejected in the long run, but I was really happy I did it.

Until next time! Thanks for reading! :3

Src: Tumblr

P.S. You should watch Yowapeda.


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